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[sic]’s most recent effort ’...And Rabbits Named Friday’ is now available for purchase though HUSHUSH.

other recent additions to husush’s mailorder include

Various Artists
Maschinenfest 2002
Polmo Polpo
Tim Hecker
Shalabi Effect
Set Fire to Flames
Sam Shalabi
Telepherique + Contagious Orgasm
Cordell Klier
Various Artists
Brain in the Wire
Dead Hollywood Stars
Not Breathing
Bernhard Günter
Richard Chartier
Ghislain Poirier
Taylor Deupree

take a look and browse through their amazing selection,





Good morning.

Pholde (Alan Bloor’s ambient project) will play a live set on Oct. 5th
Casa del Popolo
4873 St. Laurent
Montreal, P.Q

additional information from alien8 news:

"Pholde a.k.a. Knurl will make his Montreal debut under said name and will be joined by guests Whilst performing in a quartet also featuring the duo of Jacques Gravel and James Schidlowsky.
Also on the bill will be Roughage.
The over all theme for this evening will be subtle shifts in sound with a strong emphasis on the ambient qualities of improv.

The show happens at the Casa Saturday Oct 5 and admission is $6."

additional information from the Panta Rhei newsletter:


This a letter to let everyone know that the Pholde "In Accordance With
Conscience" CD release can be purchased and heard at will hook you up to the Ambient Ping (
web-page,where a Pholde web-page exists.
Great live photos as well as info on the Pholde project. From there you can also check-out the Knurl web-page from Alien 8 Recordings.(

Also, two shows coming up if you’re in the area.
Knurl Oct. 4th- Kingston, Ontario. (about two hrs. west of Montreal)
Tone Deaf Festival. This festival runs two nights: Oct.4th + 5th.
For more info contact Craig Leonard at or
Princess Court Theatre—(613) 530-2863—where tickets can be
reserved ($15).

Pholde Oct. 5th- Montreal, P.Q.
Casa del Popolo
4873 St. Laurent

Thank you for your time,

Alan Bloor"

Privatelektro News September 2002



Here is some news from Marek and Christian.



dear friends.

privatelektro news september 2002

"They might even run backward, from the present to the past.
A bolder hypothesis might make them sixteen different versions
of the same story told in parallel." murakami - the wind up bird cronicle

releases ++ music ++ pics ++ video ++ dates


out : end of october * detailed news will follow

release: privatelektro 05 + cd + limited 200 pcs. +

artist: triPhaze
titel: scotland tapes
length: 28.45 min


music: 15 min live + parachute + online since beginning of september


video: new 3 min video: parachute live @ leipzig Kaltstart
media: quicktime size: 3mb


pics: new pics added to the slide show section:


dates: privatelektro mini scotland tour october..

triPhaze: & mr.sakori:
4. october: cooper gallery, dundee , scotland ::
6.30pm - 8.30 pm live
9.30pm - 11.30pm on the decks @ doughty neebors, dundee opposite art school

10. october: edinburgh college of art
kick off 8.30 strictly! first gig at 9 pm
together with the scottish label benbecula


till 28.september 2002 Photos:
triPhaze aka marek brandt @ ride on : artists from berlin and new york
@ sonntags - wühlischstr. 12 berlin - friedrichshain

mr.sakori - new work scotland programm
collective gallery edinburgh, uk
21.september - 27. october

upcoming in october:

Your Future:
mr.sakori & triPhaze, vehicle, amy maletta, stacey matthews
: lower foyer gallery dundee, uk


best wishes: Marek and Christian.

privatelektro - anti heroes + future designers
leipzig + hamburg + berlin

News from Alien8



Pholde a.k.a. Knurl will make his Montreal debut under said name and
will be joined by guests Whilst and others to be confirmed. The show
happens at the Casa Saturday Oct 5.

Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple/High Rise etc. will perform a
solo set along with some local guests tba at the Casa Monday Oct 14.

Acid Mothers Temple play their first ever canadian concert at the Sala
Rossa Tuesday Oct 15. This show will also serve as the record launch
for the bands alien8 debut, Electric Heavy Land. Joinig Tokyo Japan’s
freakout group for the 21st century will substractif recording artist Tim
Hecker and special guests Hrsta round up the bill. This is a super solid
triple bill and certainly one of the most anticipated live shows of 2002.

Tanakh will finally make their local debut with guests tba at the Casa
Saturday Oct 26. This Richmond, Va. based band will be joined by
Harris Newman and another act to be confirmed.

Tim Olive ex-Roughage and Nimrod performs with Jeffrey Allport as a
duo at the Casa Saturday Nov 9.

take care,


’blank field’



like noise?? look at this!!!

xo [sic]

a program of experimental music curated by Francisco López
as part of the event on video and electronic art ’Cité des Ondes’,
organized by Champ Libre
Montreal, 16-23 September 2002

Monday 16th - 7:30pm (free entrance):
Live show: MANON ANNE GILLIS (France)
One of the pioneers of the experimental music underground. A visceral and intimate sound artist and performer with that rare ability to create and maintain her own rich sonic world.

Tuesday 17th - 1:00 to 5:00pm (free entrance):
Sound installation: "Zoomspectives" by SLAVEK KWI aka ARTIFICIAL MEMORY
TRACE (Czech Republic)
One of the finest manipulators in the intricate game of ’perception’ vs.’reality’ a la post-musique concrète, with a deep commitment to the
listening experience. An immersive multi-channel environment in complete darkness.

Tuesday 17th - 7:30pm:
Live show: MASAMI AKITA aka MERZBOW (Japan)
The ’king’ of noise. A medium for an endless flow of raw sonic matter? The physicalization of sound in full power, beyond any meaningful conception.

Wednesday 18th - 7:30pm:
Live show: OREN AMBARCHI (Australia)
An outstanding explorer of the electronic guitar, his work has transcended the instrument into a zone of alien beauty and sonic impossibilities to critical acclaim.

Thursday 19th - 7:30pm:
One of the most adventurous creators of dense, ’organic’, multi-layered
sonic spaces of thrilling complexity; like quizzical angels calling from the air.

Friday 20th - 7:30pm:
Live show: SHUNICHIRO OKADA aka i.d. (Japan)
An obscure entity dealing with raw data manipulation and complex walls of sound. A direct, solid, straightforward kick in our sensitive matter.

Saturday 21st - 7:30pm:
A master of ’somatic’ drones, his sonic constructions enhance the mystery of confusion through a powerful world where space is maximized with sound

Sunday 22nd - 7:30pm:
Live collaboration of several ’blank field’ artists in a multi-channel ensemble setting. Concept & live meta-mixing: Francisco López.

first ever performances in Montreal
all live shows start at 7:30 pm (sharp)
at Craig pumping station -> 2000 St-Antoine Est (corner w/de Lorimier -
metro Papineau)
tickets: $5
(only at the door, on sale 1 hour in advance, strictly limited to 150)

further info on this program & the plethora of other activities of the
event ’Cité des Ondes’:
or (514) 393-3937

NEWS from alien8


Isis, Below the Sea, Austerity Report Live at Sala Rossa,
Sept 6

Other Upcoming Alien8 Presentations...
New Items at The Alien8 Web Store


Alien8 Recordings in collaboration with Casa del Popolo are pleased to
present Hydra Head/Ipecac recording artists ISIS with special guests
Below the Sea and Austerity Report. The concert is part of the weekend long festivities celebrating the second anniversary of the Casa del popolo.

Poised to release their latest full length, Oceanic, for the incredibly
hip Ipecac label, this will be only the second local appearance by the
Boston based leaders of what is now being refereed to as
post-metal...if this confuses you check out the review below courtesy of Aquarius Records in San Francisco.

Fronted by Hydra Head honcho Aaron, Isis were always The indie rock
metal core band, fusing their pummeling metallic crush with plenty of
Slint-isms, making them the perfect band for Allan and Andee, who are
always saying, ’I don’t understand why that post rock band doesn’t just
play metal’. On this, their newest ep, Isis do get heavier as well as a
bit more varied. Half the songs could’ve been Neurosis out takes;
monstrous and glacial instru-metal, somewhere between Earth and...well, Neurosis (which is maybe appropriate seeing as this is on Neurosis’ Neurot label). But the less heavy moments are the ones that make them really stand out. Track 3 is a slow motion, tribal soundscape of simple, pounding drums and droning guitars. But track 5 is the one; a breathtaking cinematic soundscape of chiming guitars and restrained drumming. Sounding a lot like Godspeed You Black Emperor, they stretch out, and build an epic, emotional, slowly building, post rock masterpiece.

Below the Sea recently released their sophomore release Les Arbes
Depayseront Davantage and things have never looked brighter for this up and coming Mtl and Quebec City based trio. The band doesn’t play all
that often, so if you missed the record launch, here’s your chance.

Austerity Report are totally unknown to us at this point, aside from
the fact that have recently signed on the dotted line for Hydra Head and
have a recording of some sort in the pipes. The band was described as
non-cheesey industrial duo that could be compared to a hybrid of
Shellac/big black meets prime era Godflesh.

The concert features Isis, Below The Sea and Austerity Report and takes
place Saturday September 6 at 9pm at the Sala Rossa, admission is $10
in advance and $12 at the door.

* * * * * * * * *


Pholde a.k.a. Knurl and guests at the Casa Saturday Oct 5.

Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple/High Rise etc. will perform a
solo set along with some local guests tba at the Casa Monday Oct 14.

Acid Mothers Temple play their first ever canadian concert with special
guests tba at the Sala Rossa Tuesday Oct 15.

Tanakh will finally make their local debut with guests tba at the Casa
Saturday Oct 26.

Tim Olive ex-Roughage and Nimrod performs with Jeffrey Allport as a duo
at the Casa Saturday Nov 9.

* * * * * * * * *


The following items are newly available from the Alien8 Recordings web
store at

Vromb: Memoires paramoleculaires CD (Hushush)
Inspired by the emerging Hushush sound, Memoires paramoleculaires is a digital sequencing of analog sources. This is the result of a process
of understanding Heurel Gaudot’s participation to Vromb’s musical output.
It is constructed as the first chapter in an electronic opera for
ultratonical machines. Questioning our link to reality, this sci-fi
musical project is a reflection on our condition as organic machines.

Alexandre St-Onge: Kasi Naigo CD (Squint Fucker Press)
St-Onge’s third solo release continues his experimentations with



Good morning,

If you wish to purchase any CD listed on the site,
please email us at Squirrelgirl for more information.

This site is being redesigned; so all these issues will be rectified shortly.
In the meantime, you can email us, buy online (from Atom Heart)
or if you live in Montreal ‘…And Rabbits Named Friday’ can be purchased at:

Atom Heart -----> you can even buy the [sic] self- titled EP there !
364 B Sherbrooke E.

1841C Saint Catherine St.

Mojo Records
3968 Saint Laurent St.

Rotation Records
30 Prince-arthur St O.

Privatelektro News


Morning peeps,

Here is some news from the kind and talented folks at privatelektro.

Have a nice day!


privatelektro news:: 8. 2002

Hi folks.

short but essential today:


echtzeit will play a dj set at gallery interdruck at friday 2. 08. 2002 during
the opening of triPhaze´s new exhibition.
kick off: 10 pm. leipzig. check the way to the gallery here:

2 weeks later: friday 16. 8. 2002 triPhaze will play live - as a preview for
his new cd on privatelektro =the scotland tapes=
a guest from berlin will play also: sodah - compact/normoton - he recently
released some very good loop records on the normoton label..
kick off for this date will be
attention: this is not a party. this is a concert! the environment will be comfortable.

update: some new pics in the slide show section::


in a few days our webpage will feature a new 15 min. excerpt from the parachute gig in leipzig.2
months ago. you will be able to open this with real player..
strange sounds. good to listen to loud..

september we will release a 28 min cd from triPhaze..
outstanding music .. very nice klick and bleep stuff on somehow
lyrical.without words.
there is still one track available from the triPhaze download section, called
hangover.. (bad quality) but you know why..

musical collaborations::

in the near future we will be working with


a young canadian producer with a good hand for strange samples and tricky grooves.
check the link in our link section:

and we are also going to work with a japanese musician from
tokyo-triPhaze and her will play ping pong and develop avandgarde sounds.. be
aware. strange things are waiting for you!

In september mr. sakori will provide some new sounds. he´s got a new
studio in scotland..yeeep.

And last but not least our sampler is


there still might be some cds available trough
and in selected record shops in berlin.(drehmoment) these are the last copies!!
we are not sure if we will do a second edition of this sampler..

you´ll also find all the current news at our privatelektro news-page:::::::

there is much to do.
hope to see U. thanks for the support..and cd exchange:: (you know who we mean)
keep the frquency clear


marek and christian.

next step:



Good Evening

Here’s a link to incursion’s review of My Three Suns, David Kristian’s latest solo release.
[Written by Vils M. DiSanto].

I suggest grabbing one fast; it’s a very limited edition.

Here’s more info about the CD on Greg Clow and Sheryl Kirby’s Piehead Records site

David’s official site is significantly full of noteworthy information.

If you want to hear one of my silly stories straight from the horses’ mouth, I make a guest appearance on two tracks.
tee hee

Take Care


BBC review


Olli Siebelt of the BBC reviews ‘…And Rabbits Named Friday’

complete with real audio clips of ‘soon amma’ and ‘royk’.

Best wishes

Aiden Akenside

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Devin Sarno live

Jen Morris aka [sic]

Sunday, May 25 at 8:00pm live in Bienne CH
Kopfhoerer© presents: [sic]
Sunday, May 25 at 8:00pm
LOKAL-INT in Biel, Switzerland

kopfhoerer© at Lokal-int / Plattform für experimentelle Musik
Montreal/Lausanne artist Jen Morris - aka [sic]

progammed by Gaudenz Badrutt and Silber Ingold
Guest curator 2014: Christoph Hess aka Strotter inst.

@ Lokal-int / Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst / Hugistrasse 3 / 2501 Biel-Bienne

robot vs rabbit live

sleazy listeners related events

Zev Asher tribute events or screenings

Lasse Marhaug shows