Zev Asher

Zev Asher was a great filmmaker, musician, and artist.

Zev was talented, charming, strong, courageous, intelligent, original, generous, but above all…hilarious. As he liked to remind me often, he opened for Jim Carrey when he was at the ripe age of 16. He would steal other people’s jokes and rephrase them, which made it all the more whimsical.

He loved to play chaotic, but always conceptual audiovisual live shows all over the world. His documentary films were personal and intense.

Zev would beam with pride when telling stories about his days in Japan. He was especially satisfied while talking about swinging his bratwurst on stage. He enjoyed challenging his audience.

Even while he was sick during these past years, there were many moments of fun. Zev loved to travel. We were able to go to Venice to visit family and we went to Quebec City for a show. His determination and courage were absolutely inspiring.

I recently spent weeks by his side. He would always find ways to entertain me with totally perverse jokes that pushed all levels of decency. He was not well, but he was still creative. We made an effort to maintain this together. He would select images to make collages with and he would order me to shot video to see how much I could take. We watched great movies and listened to tons of Zev-style playlists, which would rage anywhere from Cheap Trick to Nick Cave to screaming jazz, death metal, and of course noise…and then back to unbelievably dated pop.

Zev taught me almost everything I know, but most importantly, he taught me that absolutely unwavering and profound love can exist.

Today, I am honoured to share his amazing voice with you.

I have made his album ‘The Romance is Over’ by The Sleazy Listeners (his duo with Lasse Marhaug) available for your downloading pleasure.

Donations in Zev’s memory may be made to "The William Brock Fund for Research and Education on Blood Cancers at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital" c/o the Université de Montréal, (514) 343-6812
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love Jen Morris


free download
‘The Romance is Over’ by The Sleazy Listeners
if you would like to purchase a real copy please email me at jenlmorris [at] gmail [dot] com

“Blacked Out, Again”
The Romance Is Over



Nimrod on bandcamp

Roughage on bandcamp

"Coupon Clipper"
by [sic] & Roughage

released in 2004 on some NYC label (anyone know?)



"Grupo de Tres"
by Roughage, [sic] and Anla Courtis




Videos and Film


CASUISTRY The Art of Killing a Cat
(NB: this is a documentary film please don’t send death threats! Zev loved cats)

WHAT ABOUT ME: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band

RAT ART and Aqua Alta excerpts coming soon.



Subcultural Revolution: Shanghai excerpt & a list of films

Subcultural Revolution: Shanghai - excerpt

Subcultural Revolution: Shanghai is a visually arresting look at modern Shanghai through the eyes and noise of the country’s most ferocious young group, Torturing Nurse.

This legendary port city has long been considered the financial capital of mainland China, but over the last decade it has also established itself as a major international centre for culture, both traditional and underground. Using the internet and a worldwide web of contacts within the “noise music” community, Torturing Nurse have firmly established themselves as major players in this most extreme of musical genres.

Over a barrage of images of their beloved hometown, the three young members of the group discuss everything from the current state of Communism in China to the changes in sexual mores within society and the role of the ever-expanding military. They are also depicted both practicing and performing their fierce brand of unbridled noise. Subcultural Revolution: Shanghai provides an insightful peek into the underbelly of one of the world’s great cities and it’s most abrasive dealers of screaming sonic mayhem.

Flyer for show in china 2007

Make Noiz


article by Robyn Fadden

The influence of noise artist Zev Asher

The Big Tuna by Tina Le Moine (née Einofski)

THE BIG TUNA trailer
The story of an embittered detective who is double-crossed by the woman who hired him and the cop he used to work with.
A film-noir classic shot in stop-motion animation using clay puppets

My greatest memory of Zev was when I asked him to do the voice over for the Big Tuna. He not only agreed, but took the DAT recorder home and recorded I don’t know how many versions of his character. It was so awesome listening through all the different voice interpretations and choosing the voice to use for the sleazy detective.
His voice made The Big Tuna great!
Tina LeMoine

Ah that voice!!!! Zev really excelled at a lot, but his radio and voice work was insane! He was a natural.
He and I both worked on this film on different occasions. I lived with Tina Le Moine in Vancouver during the Rough & Ruined days. Helped her with the festival and with the sets for this film. It was nice to work with such talented people.
Jen Morris

Photos of Zev

from Tim Olive

Nimrod and Omoide Hatobe in front of the Bugskull house, Portland, 1994(?)

Mayuko Hino, Sam Lohman, Zev Asher, Nimrod U.S. 1992

Mayuko Hino, Zev Asher, Nimrod U.S. 1992

Nimrod, Vancouver 1992

Nimrod, Louisville 1992

Nimrod, Boston 1992

Keith Parry, Tim Olive, Zev Asher, Toronto

Phil Coristine leering at Zev’s fake tit, Osaka (early/mid 90s)

Nimrod, early live action, Osaka, 1990(?)

Nimrod, early live action, Osaka, 1990(?)

alienated in vancouver

blog by Allan MacInnis

Allan’s tribute

Zev Asher: the Casuistry Interview

sidenote: These snapshots were taken during a wonderful time in Zev’s life. He loved the Mile End of Montreal and he had this huge office in our flat where he accomplished so many amazing things. Jen

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