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28 mei 2002 UUR2


Here’s the playlist for today’s
VUILE TOON on VPRO radio from Hilversum Netherland

28 mei 2002

listen here

VUILE TOON dd 28-05-02 Presentatie:
Oscar Smit

2e UUR
Tone Poem- King Of Woolworths (CDS:Dew Point EP/ Mantra)
Anybody here?- Naomi (CD:Everyone Loves You/ Mole)
Island Memories- Lovers Lane (v/aCD: Café del Mar 9/ Café del Mar)
Another Bossa- Audio Lotion (CD: Adelante!/ Mole)
Postal- Piano Magic (CD: Writers Without Home/ 4AD)
Olympia Rains- Wow & Flutter (CD: Better Today then/ Alice In Wonder)
The New Orld- Damon and Naomi (CD: Song To The Siren/ Sub Pop)
15.25- Gert-Jan Prins (12"/ JdK)
Just In Case We Lose- Désormais (CD: Climate Variations/ Instr_version)
Welcome To Las Vegas- Tetine vs Sophie Calle(CD: Sambade Monalisa/
My Animal Is Sore- Sic (CD: And Rabbits Named Friday/ Squirrelgirl)
Theme To Parked Cars- Lowfish (CD: Maintain The Tension/ Suction Rec)

Best wishes

Aiden Akenside

VICE review


Raf Katigbak and Vincent Lemieux review ‘...And Rabbits Named Friday’ in the current issue of VICE magazine. (VOLUME 9 NUMBER3)

You can pick VICE up for free in most major cities across North America and the UK.

Here is the online version of the review

Be sure to look in the mirror before you leave the house or you may be featured in their DON’Ts section.


Highway Gully


I uploaded ‘Highway Gully’ the other day (see mp3 section).

It’s from my new CD …And Rabbits Named Friday.

It’s a song about how everything seems to move slowly right before an accident.

A strange inner peace washes over and helps you cope with the situation at hand. There is some resistance and then you just let go and succumb to the imminent outcome. You have no choice; you have lost control.

I can’t remember if I listened to DEVOLVER’s The Pilot’s Inside His Mind CD (transsiberian/mile14) before or after our accident, but suddenly I knew exactly what the album was about.

Here’s a link for a review of The Pilot’s Inside His Mind. One of my favourite albums from this past year!

I was the driver on a road trip in Iceland a few days after losing my glasses in NYC.
We all decided that it was worth the risk to experience the country in all its untouched glory.

After surviving the darkest, most extensive tunnel I’ve ever driven through, I thought we were in the clear.
Unfortunately, as I was bending down to get a CD out of my bag the sun caught my eye and I lost control of the car.

We went careening off the highway
then back on
then a 180º
then off to the other side
then back into the ‘Highway Gully’.
No one was hurt.

The only reason the seemingly never-ending accident did come to an end is that my friend John told me to stop accelerating.

I took my foot off the gas and then it was over.

That very friend said

“I think that if there had been any oncoming traffic then we would have been in big trouble, or if it’d happened 10 miles back then we would have plummeted into the ocean, but otherwise I could do nothing but laugh!!!”

I fixed the dangling bumper with a few hairpins, got rid of the mud and grass, and was never charged for the damages.
I was known as “McGirlver” for the next few months.

This was 30 seconds of the longest, strangest, most beautiful day I can remember.


Incursion Review of ’...And Rabbits Named Friday’


’...And Rabbits Named Friday’ is reviewed by Vils M DiSanto
in Richard di Santo’s ’incursion’ webzine (issue # 51).

It’s their second anniversary!!
Congratulations and happy anniversary to all involved !!
The webzine’s focus is mainly on music reviews, but they also have a space for artists to exhibit their visual work.
Check out the incursion gallery while you are there.

Nighty night


[sic] + alain savoie (pivot)


I met Alain Savoie (pivot) in a video store, then a friend of mine lent me his first EP.
While on vacation last year, I wrote a beat-oriented track and felt that he would enjoy remixing it.
I guess he did!
Here are the results……… ‘motor city.’ (in the MP3 section)
Al is one of the most engaging and gifted electronic musicians in Montreal.
Keep an ear out for his music under the PIVOT moniker.


Japan- Uplink Factory - Alchemy Records presents ’What About me’


If you are in JAPAN,

tonight is the opening night of a noise festival built around
Zev Asher’s documentary film ’What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band’

The film will run all week complemented by perfomances from Merzbow, Aube and other noise legends.


1 | ... | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17


Devin Sarno live

Jen Morris aka [sic]

Sunday, May 25 at 8:00pm live in Bienne CH
Kopfhoerer© presents: [sic]
Sunday, May 25 at 8:00pm
LOKAL-INT in Biel, Switzerland

kopfhoerer© at Lokal-int / Plattform für experimentelle Musik
Montreal/Lausanne artist Jen Morris - aka [sic]

progammed by Gaudenz Badrutt and Silber Ingold
Guest curator 2014: Christoph Hess aka Strotter inst.

@ Lokal-int / Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst / Hugistrasse 3 / 2501 Biel-Bienne

robot vs rabbit live

sleazy listeners related events

Zev Asher tribute events or screenings

Lasse Marhaug shows