Music created with 21st century laptop precision which pays tribute
to the lush orchestrations of a bygone era of schmaltz pop.
The Sleazy Listeners combine the effortless digital wizardry of Norway’s Lasse Marhaug and the anti-crooning/collage of Canada’s Zev Asher.


Zev Asher meets Lasse Marhaug in January 2001 in Norway,
some 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The occasion was the Tromso International Film Festival. Zev was screening his documentary
"What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band".
Lasse was providing a laptop noise set after the film.
It wasn’t long before the two became fast friends.
After a night of particular debauchery, the boys put their clothes back on and decided that a collaboration was in order.
The Romance is Over is the culmination of two years of recordings which Zev and Lasse mailed back and forth between Toronto and Trondheim.
Zev Asher is a Canadian filmmaker and musician. He was vocalist for the noise rock trio Nimrod (1987-1996) and maintains his performing media act Roughage.
He has appeared on numerous international recordings and has toured extensively. Zev also directed two documentaries,
"Rat Art: Croatian Independents" (1997) and
"What About Me: The Rise of the Nihilist Spasm Band"(2000).
Norwegian Lasse Marhaug has been active in the world of noise music since the early 90s. He has a catalog of over thirty recordings and continues touring consistently.
Marhaug is renowned as a solo artist as well as for collaborative projects like Jazzkammer,DEL and The Nordic Miracle.



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“Blacked Out, Again”
The Romance Is Over



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